Triple Graft “Rainbow” Frangi’s for fun ..

Novelties in ornamental horticulture, meh, we’ve seen them come and go…. right ? Every now and then a good grower comes up with something less of a gimmick and more of an asset though. Stuart & Joy Reiss from the Sydney Frangipani Co. 0452 504912 is one such and while you might still be thinking the triple grafts a bridge too far – I wouldn’t mind seeing one of these Rainbow Trees in 7 or 8 years with its beautifully merged yet contrasting flower shades, adding a certain scented je ne sais quoi to even the most tasteful of designs. Call Stuart for details on markets points of sale and cultural information on the best micro climate conditions for your new tree. 

Double graft plumaria acuminata, for extra interest why not ?
Double graft plumaria acuminata, in strongly contrasting gaudy interest, why not ?
Harmonising shades for added interest, could be good :o
Harmonising shades for more subtle interest, just as chic

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