Cool Subtropics Sydney gardens ‘Clifton’ Masterclass Peter Nixon

Garden Peeps .. its nearly time this Wednesday 1st May for our special time together at historic ‘Clifton’ for a
Masterclass I’ll give on cool subtropics gardens I’ve designed for Sydney !!!

Looking forward to showing you beautiful Sydney gardens made from EXCITING cool sub-tropics planting. Inspiration for your grow lists or the dream gardens you may be designing for clients.

AT THE TIME OF SENDING THERE ARE JUST A FEW SEATS LEFT !!!  If you haven’t responded by clicking on ‘comments’ at the end of this post yet, to say you’ll join us in ‘Leave a Reply’ YOU ONLY HAVE TILL MIDDAY THIS MONDAY 29th APRIL to get onto the door list.

A free Cool Sub-tropics tube plant for you to try at home or give to a garden friend.

Masterclass 9.30am for 10am kick off THIS WEDNESDAY,
1st MAY at the rather lovely home of our host Felicity McCaffrey, ‘Clifton’
7 Woolwich Road, Hunters Hill    $25 at the door
for L’Arche 4 Sydney 

Mirror Deck ‘Sea-Changer’ greenwalls

Come to Wednesday’s Masterclass and don’t forget to leverage your new knowledge, by experiencing for yourself cool subtropics plants at my ‘Sea-Changer’ garden. Opening free on Saturday of the same week
4th May 10am – 2pm !! Enjoy a nice day out of the city with a garden friend on the Central Coast, only an hour north on Pacific Motorway from Wahroonga on ramp. Lunch at Bamboo Buddha at Holgate, 21 Wattle Tree Road 43 65 5810 to book.

‘Sea-Changer’ 21 Lavinia Street, Forresters Beach Peter Nixon 0418 161513      

‘Clifton’ Masterclass Sydney cool sub-tropics gardens for you

‘Clifton’ Hunters Hill … an 1890 mansion & garden

Garden Loving Colleages, hoping you will join me at beautiful ‘Clifton’ in Hunters Hill for a Masterclass on cool subtropics planting to suit our coastal    Sydney gardens.

Felicity McCaffery, owner of ‘Clifton’ and Hunters Hill Open Gardens Convenor, has agreed to host my talk to shed further light across the dazzling array of planting bandwidth that fits between our cool subtropical goal posts.

‘Clifton’ balustrade serpentine of hydrangea

See a 40 minute keynote presentation with 20 minutes for questions, of a selection of my Sydney designs and the current home work garden ’Sea-Changer’ at Forresters Beach, Central Coast, on how to make a better garden in warm temperate, coastal, frost free growing conditions.

Cycads flank the facing entry to ‘Clifton’

Find out more about what cool sub-tropics gardening is and the exciting plants you could be growing that are a fit to our brief winters and long sultry, thunder storm filled summers to make your garden great again. Part Wendy Whiteley’s garden at Lavender Bay, expanded into seasonal colour blasts, year round textural contrasts, low maintenance and next to nil predation.

The Masterclass includes a cool subtropics mini tube plant to try at home, plus free admission to my         ‘Sea-Changer’ garden on Saturday 4th May 10am – 2pm, 21 Lavinia Street, Forresters Beach.

Hippeastrum hybrids at “Clifton’

Limited numbers for this exciting talk and something to look forward to after Easter Holidays!! To hold the event Felicity and I need to get an idea on numbers. To add your name to the door list, see ‘Leave a Reply’ at the bottom this post and add yourself and your best garden buddy in the comments field. Look forward to seeing you on the day… EXCITEMENT !! 

WHERE: ‘Clifton’ 7 Woolwich Road, Hunters Hill

WHO: Garden Designer Peter Nixon – Paradisus

WHEN: 10am – 11.30am, Wednesday 1st May ’19

RSVP: to show you’d like to attend please send by Friday 5th April

COST: $25 pp at the door

BENEFICIARY: L’Arche 4 Sydney  

Shade King Keith Tollis …

Epiphyllum Crown Prince
Epiphyllum Crown Prince beautiful large plants Keith Tollis has for sale

Bright Shade Gardens … can bring instant relief to our long hot summers. Entering garden space with this quality revives the head and the soul, with a languid coolness from searing heat. But what are the rare beauties that furnish shade gardens and give them fresh appeal year round…?

Epiphyllum Crown Prince flower
Epiphyllum Crown Prince flower

Jungle Cactus are true epiphytes you can use on larger host trees with big enough limbs  to support an accumulation of leaf litter and bark for them to grow in. They also adapt for terrestrial growing in open ground, providing the medium they grow in can be replicated in mounds of organic material mixed with bark chip to ensure sharp drainage with some moisture retention. Bright shade beneath large tree canopies with a little summer water will bring a blast of jockey silk colours to your design for the October garden.



Cylogene flaccida
Cylogene flaccida at Keith Tollis’ nursery
Cylogene flaccida flowers
Cylogene flaccida flowers

Lithophytic Plants often form featured parts on the shade garden and if you did have introduced or lucky enough to have natural rock boulder or exposed bedrock, Cylogene flaccida is a very appealing alternative to Dendrobiums or Rock Orchids, making delicate early spring trails.



Scadoxus multiflorus katarina - Fire ball Lily
Scadoxus multiflorus subsp. katharinae – Fire ball Lily establishing in Keith Tollis’ garden
Beautiful Fire ball Lily flower detail
Beautiful Fire ball Lily flower detail

So many amaryllids made alluring subjects for the shade garden you know … to expand from the basic clivea and crinums like the gorgeous Scadoxus and all its tribe and especially S. multiflorus subsp. katarinae. Give it a fair bit of space where it’s not forced to compete for resources and avoid low overhanging canopy closer than 3 meters. A fair clump size clump develops around a meter across in 5 years or so and you’ll be rewarded with a rush of coral stars before the end of January.

Keith Tollis is a font of useful information as to best fit of his plants to your growing conditions so the selection is culturally right and ornamentally impressive.

By appointment 0409 302 304 at his Salt Ash growing space and garden.       





Your ‘Clifton’ Masterclass ‘Leave a Reply’ response ..

Mirror Deck ‘Sea-Changer’ greenwalls, opens free Saturday, 4th May 10am – 2pm

RE: Designer Peter Nixon ‘Clifton’ Masterclass
on Sydney Cool Sub-tropics Gardens

7 Woolwich Road, Hunters Hill, 10am – 11.30am
Wednesday 1st May, 2019
for L’Arche 4 Sydney 

Hi DGN Colleagues,

Thanks for those of you who have responded already since last week’s post to attend my Masterclass $25 @ the door for L’Arche 4 Australia. Some readers have reported difficulty in making their attendance response in the Comments field.. so I’ve fixed it ! To show you would like to attend (or even with an industry friend as well..) use the following – 

1.Simply scroll to the end of this follow up post, where the number of comments are shown.
2.Click on that comments number and the page will jump to a view showing all comments so far.
3.Scroll to the end and Leave a Reply appears with a comment field &
hit Post Comment

Sooooooooo easy …. and look forward to seeing all of you interested in leveraging the knowledge about your own gardens from Wednesday’s Masterclass, by also joining me here at
‘Sea-Changer’ Instagram  the following Saturday, 4th May 10am – 2pm Designers ‘walk & talk’ at midday. 

Seats are limited for this exciting ‘Clifton’ Masterclass on Sydney Cool Sub-tropics Gardens, so to give myself and ‘Clifton’ owner / Hunters Hill Open Gardens Convenor Felicity McCaffrey an idea on numbers … PLEASE respond today 😮      

Love Your Garden .. !

Peter Nixon – Paradisus & Garden Lovers Blog    

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