“Sea-Changer” Shade Hut

House of Bamboo shade & screen
House of Bamboo shade canopy & Sanctum screen


Divide & Shelter as the “Sea-Changer” garden continues to take shape this winter. The fragrant thought of a November open date drifts across my mind… & maybe some ideas here for your designs !


Natureed canopy now makes  possible a hammock somewhere beneath its double layer and while not rain proof, is shower resistant. Semi-transparancy through the new Sanctum laser cut panel is bringing enough street front separation. Both canopy and screen from the lovely Jennifer Snyders at House of Bamboo and thanks to these, the open front of this Shade Hut space allows low northern sun,  irresistible winter heat sink seating remains intact.

After the gal. steel frame has a lick of matt black paint, floorspace will comprise random formed concrete slabs with a few centimetres grow slot space between for something aromatic that will release when stepped on by the careless passerby (like me ..). A blend of light neutral stone oxides with salt textured finish, using scant but contrasting dark pebbles tapped into the surface here and there I think. With a coloured glass fun bead or two to glint nicely against random frangipani leaf stencils pressed into a few blank spots…


Jennifer Snyders – House of Bamboo 13 Erith Street, Botany 1800 211192 and 9666 5703 Screen & Canopies

Simon & Hayden Jones – Green Elements 0431 752 436 & 0401 473205 Green Elements Facebook


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